Who We Are!

EGL Africa is an ​​Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company with a virtual and physical presence in Africa. It is created to solve Africa’s craving for perfect and reliable ICT hardware and software products carefully sorted to withstand all their work, school, and entertainment. Our goal is to provide top-notch reliable ICT products and services to meet Africa’s evolving need to keep connected with the information technology world with competence and efficiency.

EGL Africa offers retail, wholesale, and manufacturing of certain products and services in the ICT sector such as computers & laptops, computing software, tablets & mobile phones, professional repairs, web design & development, Web management, IT Training, installations, application development, content creation, and more. 

Our business is carefully strategized to fill the wide ICT hardware and software gaps as well as satisfy Africa.

EGL Africa’s vision aims at the highest peak in the Information Technology industry. We do not wish to settle for average or anything less than the best.

The company aims at becoming the largest gadgets supplier in Africa by creating large physical dedicated gadgets stores as well as real-time virtual stores. This way we shall solve the issue of a large number of counterfeit or compromised quality gadgets supplied to consumers in African countries giving every African the freedom of choice and the quality they deserve as well as world-class post-purchase customer care.

With the nature of poorly regulated traditional gadgets markets in Nigeria which became a ground for thefts, deceits, robbery, and many more vicious conducts in the market environs, our company wishes to stand out and solve the issue by providing well-regulated gadgets shopping stores where customers get the fair treatment, absolute safety, guarantee, genuinity, choice and accessibility they deserve. The company aims to create the largest gadget stores in Nigeria in the form of gadget malls and departmental stores. Where consumers will have thousands of ready-to-use gadgets that can be both brand new and used. What we offer to the consumer is the reliability of our high-quality gadgets, availability at any time, accessibility, and after-sales product care.
Our company wants to make more and more gadget options available and accessible to every African community through a multi-chain distribution system as well as E-commerce channels all over the continent.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

We envision ourselves revolutionizing the smart gadgets industry with a unique and original brand that reflects the epitome of genuinity, reliability, efficiency, honesty, and world-class customer relations along with exceptional post-purchase experience as well as customer care. 

We aim to be the most reliable and largest gadgets retail store (both physically and virtually) in Africa with millions of ready-to-use gadgets in well-regulated environments to give every African the comfort and the freedom of exploration and choice when buying their gadgets. We also envision ourselves as becoming Africa’s earliest gadgets manufacturing corporation.

Our Mission

  • Making the world a better place by distributing reliable, fast, smart, and durable gadgets.
  • improving African lives through the innovation of adaptive computer technology that fully suits our style, budget, culture, climate, and specific preferences.
  • Creating an environment that encourages youths creativity and innovation on the African continent
  • Create a lot of jobs for the Nigerian and African communities in general
  • Improving people’s lives through quality gadgets as well as computing software services- all made and aligned with the African environment.
  • Dominating the world gadgets branded wholesale companies in great quality and price. 

What We offer to Our Customers!

  1. High quality, durable & reliable products. 
  2. Improving our customers’ lives through availability, varieties that give them freedom of choice and a convenient shopping experience 
  3. Competitively lower prices coupled with quality 
  4. Excellent post-purchase experience and customer care.
  5. Versatility where customers can get access to our stores from wherever whenever and however they wish through an e-commerce platform developed in their local language.
  6. Clarity of our web application with illustrations and pictures in a way that a person with a very low level of literacy can interact and shop with ease.

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