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Frequently Asked Qestions

Local deliveries can be received on the same day if the customer location is close to our brach that has that particular products. in cases where the customer is far from our store or requires installations or setups on their devices, local deliveries can be received between 24hr to 72 maximum.

International or regional deliveries take between 4 to 14 days on average. Multiple factors such as distance, regulations, and accessibility of the shipping destination may affect the delivery time. 

When you place your order, we send you a confirmation email with your order details. Our staff will then package your items and send to your shipping address. Your items should arrive within a few hours or a few days depending on factors such as distance, day of the week, accessibility of the shipping address and your custom requests.

By default, we install office tools, media player and browsers on our used devices.

Upon request, we make more free installations of some certain softwares on purchased products (Both brand new and used).

Although today’s devices are highly sophisticated and intelligent in performance, they’re not immune to sudden software glitches and complications. For this reason, we introduced EGL software warranty.

This is a conditional free installation and troubleshooting assistance that we give to our direct clients for 6 months on products bought from our physical or online stores. It covers free basic installations of common softwares as well as troubleshooting of unintentional software problems that may happen to any device. 

EGL warranty troubleshooting does not cover intentional tempering of device files or firmware. It covers the sudden software glitches that occur without the customer initiating risky schemes that may void the device software.

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