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Brief About Us

EGL Africa is an ​​Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company with a virtual and physical presence in Africa. It is created to solve Africa’s craving for perfect and reliable ICT hardware and software products carefully sorted to withstand all their work, school, and entertainment. Our goal is to provide top-notch reliable ICT products and services to meet Africa’s evolving need to keep connected with the information technology world with competence and efficiency.

EGL Africa offers retail, wholesale, and manufacturing of certain products and services in the ICT sector such as computers & laptops, computing software, tablets & mobile phones, professional repairs, web design & development, Web management, IT Training, installations, application development, content creation, and more. 

Our business is carefully strategized to fill the wide ICT hardware and software gaps as well as satisfy Africa.


Agent Program

Millions of people in Africa are looking for ways to create businesses that can yield them an entirely dependable or additional income without putting money into it. In our attempt to provide such an opportunity for Africans as well as expand our market, we created the EGL Africa agent program where millions of Africans can become our agents without paying anything and earn a limitless amount of money depending on their sales performance.

With the EGL Africa agent program, you become our sales partner or sales agent. When you become our agent, you can sell our ICT products and services to your customers, family, and friends. On any sale you make, you earn up to 5% of the total money

For example, If a customer buys a product worth NGN100,000 through your agent link  (which will be given to you after becoming our agent), you automatically earn up to NGN 5,000 in your agent dashboard (may be higher orless than 5% for some products). If an item worth NGN 200,000 is bought through your link, you can earn up to NGN 10,000 on it! Easy as that. Agent commissions are capped at NGN 10,000 per single product. This means that the maximum payable commission to an agent per single product is NGN 10,000.

To understand more about your capability and limitations as an agent, please read our AGENT TERMS & CONDITIONS!

How To Become Our Agent

To become our sales agent, you will need to apply for an AGENT ACCOUNT. You simply need to fill out and submit the agent application form.

After providing the necessary information and submitting your form, our team will carefully review your application and attempt to verify the accuracy of the information you provided. By becoming a sales agent, you become one of us. Hence, the need to verify your identity during registration.

If your application is successfully approved, you will receive an email through the email you provided on the application containing your username and password which you can use for LOGIN. In some instances, our team will reject your application if they find any information you provided to be inaccurate or inappropriate for the agent program.

After successful login to your AGENT DASHBOARD, you will see all the necessary tabs and tools that you need to start sharing your link and selling to earn a limitless commission. 

How To Start Earning Commissions

To earn, you need to advertise our ICT products and services online or offline. To advertise online, use the unique link provided for you under your AGENT DASHBOARD. Share our products, services, and positive information about us with your family, friends, and customers.

Your Agent account dashboard is rich with features that help you track every click to your link, your customer movement, successful sales, the percentage earned, and the total aggregate of money you earned from your sales.

Depending on your chosen means of payment during your registration, your earned commissions will be automatically credited to the account you provided at the end of every month.

Some suggested online platforms you can use to advertise products include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, linked in, your website, youtube, Twitter, and similar platforms. Some suggested offline advertising opportunities on the other hand include concerts and events, schools, workplaces, dinners, football matches, family settings, and many more. 


If you have any questions about agents and how to earn with us, please post a comment below or contact support directly at +234 803 9999 931, [email protected], 01 454 6971

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